Ideas for Fun Gaming Space design

Gaming spaces are great place for entertainment as well as gaming space design can consist of dissimilar themes in addition to styles. Select theme or style based on your favorite gaming as well as the gaming tables in space. In case you have setup poker table, make “high roller’s suite” by adding fine appointed furniture as well as accessory. Any gaming space theme or style requires storage as well as console furniture is perfect solution. Select console furniture in warm finish for example walnut or mahogany to balance the stylish theme of gaming space. Utilize it store poker-chips, playing cards as well as other gaming essentials.

A western salon as well as glittery casino is excellent gaming themes for gaming spaces design with poker tables as well as card tables. Select bar stools, rustic furniture as well as classic accessory for example faux antler chandeliers for salon theme. In case you select the casino theme, designing gaming space with neon signs as well as bright lightings. Select a poker table with expert features like felt top as well as chip holders. Balance table with comfortable leather armchairs for high roller guests. You can hang gorgeous chandelier or pendant over table as task light. Beaded glass pendants or glass drop chandeliers are alternatives that will balance poker tables. Include small bar region in high roller’s suite where you may mix drinks for guests. A set of bar cart or floating shelves are all that’s needed to set up bar in your gaming space. Utilize two good-looking silk rugs to visual divide poker table from bar region.

A vintage design theme is ideal for gaming space that’s about family board gaming, darts as well as pool. You can hang vintage signs as well as gaming board art to make a cozy gaming space. Select console furniture with distressed finish as well as comfy seating for this themed space. Metal folding tables crafted from iron as well as wood may function as tables for board gaming as well as card gaming or as side tables for serving drink as well as food. Select vintage inspired lighting fixtures for this region for example three arm chandeliers as well as pendants with brass accent. Other themes that are good for gaming spaces are old English pub, sports bar, beach shack as well as retro lounge. You can infuse these themes in your gaming space with the right furniture, gaming tables as well as accessories.

The category of gaming space furniture includes table as well as chair sets also. The little bistro mode is most typically utilized set because it creates same type of atmosphere found in clubs in addition to other establishments utilized for activity purpose. Numerous these sets are referred to as pub tables and chairs, which are normally made of wood. Both bistros in addition to pub tables are completed with round surfaces placed on pedestal bases. There are some variations to classic design which comprise style utilizing wrought iron base with glass surface.

Whilst it comes to select chairs for this space, there are many styles obtainable as bar stools in addition to spectator chairs. These products are designed with higher base or frame than customary chairs. The height permits public to simply watch gaming of pool being played or sit at bar counter.

Many public purchases Gaming Space today are choosing to have enough space for design. These spaces can comprise everything for example pool tables as well as bar regions. The unlike styles of spaces will often be designed with furniture made to reflect style or theme of the area. Public looking for gaming space furniture will have various items they can choose from to suit whatever needs space fulfills. Bar stools are nearby in styles with seat placed on base or with entire chair. The chair styles will have backrest, while the basic seat styles do not. A bar stool might be made completely of wood or metal frame in addition to an upholstered seat. Both seat and chair styles are accessible stationary models. In addition to the chairs utilized to make seating at bar counter, also bar might be purchased as piece of gaming space furniture. They come as standalone unit and are accessible in various lengths to fit amount of nearby space. Also public can add accent pieces such as pinball machines as well as neon wall lightings to enhance atmosphere.

Spaces that include television sets with video gaming consoles can include utilize of gaming chairs. These chairs are made without a base in addition to have rocker design to make them more peaceful. This exacting design is available in styles ranging from basic model, that is chair with padded seat in addition to back, to deluxe form with built in surround sound speakers.



Feng shui for the bed room decoration

Following the oriental culture, body of human is a small universe existing inside and dominated following rule of big universe. Having a general rule operate big universe, it is the five elements theory.

From Asian ancient time, almost all aspect of life of oriental human always base on this theory such as medicine, military, culture, architecture, music and so on. Purpose of applying this theory is making the five elements become harmonized, helping for life of human become happier. Feng shui also is an academy having backbone platform of the five elements, with purpose to help human to harmonize with movement of the universe in order to receive the good things.

Life of human, having one third times is undergoing in the bedroom. Therefore, feng shui of the bedroom is an important thing in arranging feng shui of the house. Below are the ways in order to arrange the bedroom which you should avoid:

  1. The bedroom has hypotenuse sharp angle

The bedroom should have square shape. You should not design the bedroom having angular shape. The bedroom which is not square, having hypotenuse at wall or ceiling, skew overall usually creates illusion about unreal space. It will create stew, making mental exhaustion, increasing ability to illness and easily arising things unintentionally.

  1. The bedroom is not enough daylight or too light in the night.

The bedroom should have the window, helping for flow of air to be circulated and lambency in the daytime. It also helps the owner of the room feeling pleasant. You should hang a curtain in order to avoid light having high intensity such as: lights, strong sunlight which illuminate directly in the room. If you get that taboo, you can get skin disease, insomnia and so on.

  1. The bedroom is regenerated from the toilet or the bathroom

In the building structure of the modern high building, almost the toilet is built in same position on all floors. If you sleep in the bedroom which is regenerated from the toilet in the high building, meaning top and bottom of you also is the toilet. You are sandwiched between two wet environments with the trashes, toilets, sewers and so on. Condition of this environment against your health, morale surely will influence following bad trend.

  1. The door of the bedroom is opposite with the toilet

The toilet is the place where contains the dirty things therefore this place will create the bad air, moisture and bad energy. So if you put the door of the bedroom opposite with the toilet, you will make space of the bedroom directly receive the bad things above, leading to your health will be influenced.

  1. The door of the bedroom is opposite or conterminous the kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you usually happen cooking, fried, emissions, and grease and so on. If the door of the bedroom opposite the kitchen, it will make your health be influenced following bad trend especially about kidney and excretory system. Your job also does not stabilize. Specially, cooker is the object creating heat; you should not put it next to wall of the bedroom. Unless it will make your sleep be not good.

  1. The door of the bedroom is opposite with a big mirror

Following the feng shui, mirror has action in order to reflex and push the murderous flow following the different direction. Therefore, putting a big mirror opposite with the door of the bedroom can unwittingly push the murderous flow through the bedroom. It will make job of the owner of the room be hindered.

  1. The bed is opposite with the mirror

As noted above, the mirror has action reflex the murderous flow, therefore you can not put the mirror opposite with your bed. Anyone sleep in the bed putting opposite with the mirror, they usually have bad sleep, headache or nightmare.

  1. Leg or head of the bed is opposite or cut by the door of the bedroom

Sleep needs the quiescence. If the bed is put next to the door which is opened and closed continuity, it will make you startle or feel scare without having reason.

  1. Head of the bed has the window

The window is the place where circulate air for the room, therefore putting head of the bed under the window is a taboo. Because the bad air flows such as: wet, cold, toxic and so on can influence directly on the people lying on the bed without having the precaution. People lying on the bed like that easily feel insecurity, tired morale or having disease about the respiratory.

10.Head of the bed under the crossbeam

The ceiling should be flat avoiding in order to appearance crossbeam. The crossbeam on the head will create feeling heaviness and fear. People sleep under the crossbeam certainly chronic headache; morale usually is crisis. It will influence to career and social interaction of that people.

11.Head of the bed lean on a shaky wall

The bed leans on a thin wall, a space or after head of the bed having a way so it will create feeling unsafe, panic. It will make your career be down.

12.The bed is too high than the ground

The bed just should be high than the ground about 50 cm, beside and under the bed should have a space in order to air circulating. It also helps you easily in order to clean the bed; additionally it can decrease humidity and dust in the mattress. The bed too high or low also influence following bad trend to health and morale of the owner.

13.The bedroom have too many trees

If the room has many trees or flowers, it will easily concentrate miasma. The plant in the dark discharge CO2, it will influence following bad trend to health of people in the room. In addition, the career also meets many difficult by the other people creating.

The things above are not too difficult in order to avoid but many people still get them. Hoping this knowledge will be useful for you. In order to you can arrange a relaxing environment for yourself. Wish you success!






Unlucky things for house decoration

According to the feing shui of the Asian people, when you decorate your house you should make sure that the following things should not be chosen as the house decoration items. Many people think that the coin can be the symbol of ghost and old clothes can bring bad luck if you store them for a long time in house. House designers nowadays also pay high attention to these things to make sure that the house layout and decoration can bring luck and happiness to the owner.

  1. Coin

Almost all people think that coin is the symbol of good luck and will help to bring a good atmosphere; however, it is right if you keep coin inside your body. When you decorate your house with coins it turns out to bring bad luck to you, especially the power of the coin can increase the bad air and atmosphere for the house which can become the symbol of the ghost.

In the past, the fortune tellers often use coin to overseeing the future of human being lives. Therefore, according to Asian concept, the coin can contributes to the being together of ghosts. Coin collection can be your favorite hobby and you of course would like to show it off by displaying it in the living room or somewhere in your house. But always keep in mind the symbol of the coin if you are really keen on displaying them inside your house.

  1. Cactus tree

Decorating tree in the house is the good way to create good atmosphere and environment for the house. However, not all kinds of tree can be suitable for house decoration.

According to ancient feing shui, cactus is the tree which is very good at feeding in all cases of environments. It will be better if you grow the cactus tree in the house which is just burnt or has the dead people as the great power of living of the cactus can help to remove the bad air and bad luck of the house. Therefore, cactus is considered as the bad symbol of house decoration.

If you are interested in growing a cactus tree, you can put it outside the house in the balcony or in your garden. If you would like to have bad air and atmosphere for the house you should plant inside the house some orchid or sun flower trees which are considered as the good items for house decoration.

  1. Ancient clothes

Many people have the tendency to decorate the house with ancient things, especially the ancient clothes of the old people in the house. This will not bring good luck to the owner and sometimes it can create bad things for the family as the cold and negative atmosphere of the dead people can be around the house.

In general, if you really understand and believe in the feing shui of the Asian people, you should find out more about the things which are allowed and not allowed to decorate house in order to make sure that your house can bring luck, happiness and prosperity for you.


Lucky symbols for house decoration

According to Asian house decoration, in a house there should place some signal of the lucky symbols. Below are such lucky decoration items which are preferred to use by many.

  1. Windy bell

Windy bell is used to attract the money flowing into the house. The suitable number with the windy bell is 9 then owner can use the windy bell with the length of 9cm or with 9 red lines holding the windy bell. In order to create good sound, the windy bell should be made of metal with 6 metal sticks. The windy bell will be hung in the prosperity area of the house, often in the left-hand side of the house from the front door.

  1. Water

The movement of the feing shui is the movement of money to the owner. Therefore, if you can you should put an artificial water fall in your house in the prosperity area or in the garden near the main door. You can base on your area to decide the scope of the water fall.

  1. Fortune God

The Fortune God is known as the God who will provide prosperity for the owner. The most suitable place to put the Fortune God in is the opposite with the front door. The size of the Fortune God statue can be decided by the owner, but small or large this is the magic symbol of power and prosperity for the house.

  1. Valuable stone and feing shui stone

Valuable and feing shui stone are the symbol of richness. You should keep diamond and valuable stone in the box with the color of violet or yellow in the prosperity area in the bed room. Above the box you should hang a windy bell. According to the feing shui rule, it means the richness and prosperity will stick to your life.

Violet pebble stone is colorful and eye catching which can be used to decorate as the symbol of prosperity. If you have some trouble with your finance, then you can place some round stone or statue in the prosperity area of your house.

  1. Fruit and cereal

Fruit and cereal brings the meaning of fullness according to the Asian feing shui. The bowl of fruit or the tree which is full of fruit can be the popular feing shuid decoration items. People can place 9 oranges or plumbs in the yellow bowl or red grape, fresh pine apple and banana in the holder in the prosperity area of the house. Or you can decorate the house with the painting of rice harvest which can be symbolized for fullness and richness.

  1. Lucky frog

A frog statue can be interpreted as the thing to attract and keep money. You can place the frog statue in front of the main door or under the angle of 45 degree.

  1. Green trees with round leaves

Green trees with round leaves can help to renew the energy and stimulate the flow of money inside your house. You should keep the trees to be green all day long and should not water them so much. Green trees with round leaves should be planted in violet pots and can be put in the living room, the balcony or somewhere inside the house.

  1. Fish bowl

Fish is the symbol of power of money and prosperity. The fish bowl should be placed in the South East direction, near the main door or the entry pathway of the house. The fish bowl is not only the symbol of the feng shui for money, it is also the decoration item which can include 5 main factors of feing shui, they are wood (tree in the fish bowl), metal (the structure of the fish bowl), water (the water inside the fish bowl), fire (the color of the fish such as yellow, orange, red or the reflection of the fish bowl), and the earth (the dirt and land at the bottom of the fish bowl). All the time the fish bowl is preferred in the living room but in order to put it in the right place you have to check it carefully as each owner may fit with different area for placing the fish bowl.


Feing shui for the apartment in the high building

According to Asian conception, in order for you to promote your characteristics if you live in the high building, then you have to choose the appropriate apartment inside, especially the direction of the house. In case you can not then you should know how to decorate to avoid the bad direction of the house.

As you know, apartment in the high building will be built in the mess production, meaning all apartments in the high building will be the same. It is not like the floor based house as the design will be suitable for each owner, here all the same for all owners.

Then according to the feing shui rule of the Asian people, if you choose the wrong apartment it can effect to your ability, your attitude which can not be good for your life and your family when living inside the apartment.

The first thing when you choose an apartment you should take care about your age to choose the most suitable one. The equivalent factor with your age is the direction of the house. The following will show you which will be the most direction that the owner of this age should decorate his house.

If the owner is under the age of mouse

The house should be under the direction of the North. This is the good direction for the owner. But if the North is built with the toilet or something which is wet all day so it will not be good.
If the case is like this, then the owner should decorate the house with some green trees in this direction to make the air clean and fresh. In other directions of the house the owner can freely decorate anything that he likes to the house must be kept clean with the hope to bring good air and atmosphere into the apartment.

 If the owner is under the age of buffalo

The best direction for the owner of age of the buffalo is the North East. If in this direction the apartment is equipped with toilet, bathroom or water sources then there will be the symbol of bad luck then the owner can find some ways to avoid it. The owner can decorate this direction by hanging some small mirror in the door of the toilet or bathroom. Always keep them clean to create the fresh air of the apartment in this direction. If the owners like any other decoration items, he can decorate them in the West direction of the house.

 If the owner is under the age of tiger

Like the owner of the age of buffalo, the North East is the goo direction for those whose age is tiger. There should not be a kitchen or the bathroom in this direction which can create the negative signals for the living. This direction should all the time be kept clean and fresh. Decoration of the house can be focused on the West and South West of the house. And the kitchen, bathroom and toilet can be in these 2 directions.

If the owner is under the age of cat:

For the owners who are born under the age of the cat then the East is the suitable direction with them. If this direction is not clean or there is any angle and not flat area, the owners will be negatively affected. To balance the apartment with the main direction is the East, the owners should keep this direction clean and open. In case the East direction has some problem, then the owner can change to decorate in the North East or the South East. By decorating properly, then the apartment can still bring prosperity to the owners.

If the owner is under the age of dragon

The most effective direction to the owners who are born in the year of the dragon is the North East. If in this direction can be the living room which is decorated cleanly and properly then the owners can get a lot of luck and happiness. In the other hand, the owner should pay attention to the North and South East directions which are very important to the owners. The apartment should be kept clean. There should be more windows for the owners of the dragon which can help to flow the air inside and outside the apartment.

If the owner is under the age of snake

Like the owner under the age of dragon, snake owners will fit with the North East direction. For this direction, the owner should not design the toilet and bathroom which can be considered as the bad luck for the owners. Other alternative directions can be the West and the South East, in case the main direction can not be decorated as hoped then the owner can focus on these directions. The owner can hang some fresh and colorful paintings in these directions with the purpose to make the whole atmosphere of the apartment clean and vivid.

If the owner is under the age of rooster

The owner of the age of rooster will prefer the East direction. It is better if in this direction the owner can put his living room. In the living room or in any places in the apartment the owner can decorate the room with the rooster statue with the underlined meaning that the presence of the rooster inside the apartment is the energy and power for the life of the owner.




Asian decoration for the wedding room

Besides main color such as pink, light violet, white and violet, blue and so on, when decorating the wedding room people can use the hot color combining with the cold color to create the difference for the wedding room of the couple.

Wedding is the important life time event of the people. According to the customs of the Asian people, decorating the wedding room is very important. It is the place where the couple will share their happiness together after the wedding and also the place which can help them to maintain and develop further the relationship.

  1. Pink color tone

You can choose to decorate the wedding room with the main pink color tone which can help to create an open and good atmosphere for the room. A cozy feeling of the pink color tone can help the couple t enjoy the sweetness, warming and happiness together.

  1. Elegant color tone

The couple should choose the elegant color tone to be the main color tone for their wedding room. Some example of the elegant tone color can be white and light violet, light yellow with blue which can create the comfort when looking at. These colors are very good for eyes because it is light enough but still create impression. Moreover, the elegant color tone can make the wedding room more luxurious and charming.

  1. Using light color tone with lighting effect

A house with shining lights, good and comfortable flavor from natural odor and being romantic with a light color tone will be a very good and sweet beginning for the newly married couple.

The wedding room should be decorated simply but impressively. You can thanks to the shining and impression of candles or lights to highlight the wedding room.

  1. White and violet color tone which will bring the comfortable feeling

Instead of using red curtain or yellow you can use a white curtain. And it is the same with the color of the walls. You should not paint the wall with hot and dark colors, paint it with a light violet color. Then the combination of white and violet can bring the harmonized and surprised atmosphere and feeling for the wedding room. On the other hand, white and violet is the symbol of loyalty and trustfulness.

Besides, in this room you have to take care of the wedding bed also as it is the most important furniture in the wedding room. You should choose the mattress, pillows and covers in violet to match with the color tone of the wedding room.

However, besides the above suggestions, the couple can use the contrast of hot and cold, light and dark color for the impressive wedding room. And if you follow this style you have to choose the furniture with the same color tone to make sure that the wedding room can be seen as a unique combination.