Incredible effects of home improvement

Basically, home improvement is what every family often does when holidays are coming. It is believed that home improvement bring the household incredible effects on daily life and the spiritual life as well. My family also often does home improvement before Tet holiday. Asian people believe that do home improvement before New Year eve is compulsory and essential to have a better new year. Normally, home improvement to prepare for New Year Eve is just cleaning the whole house from roof to the floor. However, home improvement is actually more complicated than that. It is not only cleaning and sweeping the floor, the roof and every piece of furniture in your house; it also includes the repairing and fixing stuffs in your house and so on. As a result, the home improvement duty costs a lot of time and energy of every family whenever holidays are coming. Do you ever think that the home improvement duty is not important that much? It actually does. You do not know that home improvement helps you a lot in both daily life and spiritual life.

Today, I will help you understand more about home improvement’s effects.

  1. Change the house’s appearance

It is normal to say that home improvement is the best way to make your house look new than ever. One of the most popular home improvement things is to repaint the house. Paint is considered the outfits of the house; therefore, it changes the house appearance more than you ever think. When your house looks very old, you can repaint it to make it newer. However, it is not easy to choose the new color for your house or the right painting method in case you do it by yourself. I would like to help you by giving your some tips related to painting. Continue reading “Incredible effects of home improvement”

Home improvement duty in women’s eyes

Marriage is a significant turning point in women’s life. When being asked about their current marriage and future marriage, there is a variety of viewing points from women’s perspective. The view points are also very interesting to see. When they answer about the question of marriage life including child – rearing, sexual life, and various other things and relationship in this kind of life, home improvement is what housewives and soon – to – be housewives mention most. You surely will find the interest in their answer. Some of them say that the home improvement duty is much different from what they imagine before getting married. What are the differences they mentioned? Today, I will help you to understand what housewives and soon – to – be housewives think about the home improvement duty.

In general, in their eyes, there are both funny and lovely things about home improvement duty and the dark side of that duty that they never want to do. Now, we will start to come into more details about the view point of housewives and soon – to – be housewives about home improvement duty.

  1. “I have a lot of great memories from home improvement campaign.”

That is the answer of Sheran – the first interviewee to be interviewed in my survey. When I ask her perspective about home improvement duty, she showed her excitement and happiness on her face and told me about her best memories with her family when they first do home improvement after they just moved in a new house. After five years of marriage, Sheeran and her husband saved up enough money to buy a new house. They and their 4 year – old daughter moved in a new house. Their new house first looked very old and needed a home improvement. They started with their garden what they always dreamed of when they still lived in the old house. The whole family spent almost a week for their home improvement project. Sheeran said: “That week was such a hard week for us. We had to wake up very early to work so that the weather was better. We saw the change of our house every day. When we improved our new house, we put out love in every task and every part of our house.” She told that she would never forget this memory. Continue reading “Home improvement duty in women’s eyes”

Popular question about home improvement

Home improvement includes not only repairing but also house cleaning and maintaining. This work is more complicated than people think. Even the home improvement duty is familiar for all family in the world. We still receive a lot of emails and letters from people in different countries about this topic.

Today, we would like to answer the most popular question among thousand questions we receive during recently months.

  1. What is home improvement?

Almost all women do home improvement every month; however, sometimes they do not know what exactly it is. Truly saying, when you do some work to take care of your house and make it become at better condition. Then you call what you just have done is home improvement. Home improvement is not basically cleaning and repairing old stuff. Sometimes, it also means redesign your house or one room in your house to make it look better.

Continue reading “Popular question about home improvement”

How to improve the environment in your house?

It is true that in modern life, people often spend more time outside than inside their house. Even though, when they come home, they appreciate all the time living inside their beloved house. No matter the time you spend in your house is long or short, it is true that all of the time you are there must be relaxing and comfortable. The environment or the air inside your house is one of the most important things that help you feel relaxing when you are staying inside your house. Some people complain about the smell inside their house which makes them uncomfortable when they are at home. The question here is that how to eliminate this irritating smell inside your house to make you enjoy every moment inside your loving house.

Today, in this article, I would love to give you some tips to enhance the smell inside your house and make it a comfortable unique scent.

  1. Cause of the smell

To get to the bottom of anything, you need to know where it comes from. In this case, it is essential for you to find out the sources of the uncomfortable smell. There is a variety of sources to make this smell for your house. One of the most common causes of uncomfortable smell for a house is from the kitchen. A dirty kitchen with oil, different types of sauces and the mixture of smell of them can create another terrible smell flying from the kitchen to the living room and other rooms in your house. Another source of smell inside your house may come from the back garden. In a garden, the moisture is extremely high; this is a good condition for mole to develop and make smell. Wind is a good deliverer to bring this smell from the back garden to the house. Continue reading “How to improve the environment in your house?”

Feng shui tips for your bedroom

Feng shui is a very important factor in construction and house design. It was created and developed by Chinese people many years ago. This is a very popular theory applied many in house construction and indoor and outdoor design. Many people do not believe in this theory; however, feng shui gives use correct and effective direction for house designing and construction. Feng shui must be applied in every part of a house from the entrance to the exit. Even in the toilet, you have to consider a lot of feng shui theory.

Today, I would like to introduce you some feng shui tips for the bedroom to have you get the best sleep.

  • No need to have a lot of windows: If every other room in your house need a lot of brightness, your bedroom prefers darkness. However, it still needs light and sunshine during the day. One big window is sufficient for your bedroom. Moreover, you need a big curtain in dark color; so that in the morning, if you still want to sleep, this curtain can help you to maintain the good sleep. One more thing about the window that you should remember is that you should not place the window opposite the bed. When the light of the moon directly shows on you, it is hard for you to enjoy your sleep. Continue reading “Feng shui tips for your bedroom”